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Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

We offer a wide variety of Geotechnical Engineering services in support of both temporary and permanent structures. We use the latest geotechnical software to develop best fit solutions, all of which are based on identifying the most accurate geotechnical design parameters. Our preferred method of determining these parameters is to oversee the initial soil borings and prepare the geotechnical report.

We offer geotechnical engineering services for a variety of operations including:

Geotechnical Investigations
Soil Bearing Strength Analyses
Support of Excavation
Shallow and Deep Foundations
Retaining Walls
Cofferdams and Waterfront Structures
Roadway Embankment and Slope Stability Analysis
Rock Excavation and Stability Analysis
Foundation Underpinning
Ground Stabilization
Forensic Investigations

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