Structural Engineering 

The structural design and analysis of Temporary Structures in Construction is a specialty niche where not one, but rather multiple design standards and codes apply. It is a field where past experience and engineering judgment must be properly applied to solve problems taking into account sound engineering principles and construction practices.


Siefert Associates, LLC is led by seasoned construction engineers with a savvy support staff that are comfortable working with contractors, navigating through the myriad of design standards, codes and reference documents to deliver the optimum solutions based on practical, proven design and construction techniques. Our staff is well versed in designing with steel, concrete, timber, and other materials, in all aspects of construction. And when required, we are not averse to pushing the limits of modern structural engineering techniques, utilizing the latest technology to provide innovations in a variety of ways.

Services Include:
  • Temporary Support Structures

  • Temporary Trestles

  • Temporary Bridges

  • Work and Personnel Access Platforms

  • Equipment Platforms

  • Debris Shields 

  • Concrete Formwork

  • Safety/Fall Protection

  • Construction Loading on Structures 

  • Structural Lifting - Bridge Jacking/ Bearing Replacement, etc. 

  • Marine Operations & Barge Stability 

  • Permanent Design - Building & Bridge Connection Design

Showcase Projects:
Temporary Bridge Shoring