Geotechnical Engineering

Siefert Associates, LLC is recognized by its clients for fast turnaround of projects even in the most complicated situations. Client based solutions that are well suited for the specific site conditions and preferred means and methods are utilized whenever possible. Effective and frequent communication allows for a collaborative effort that meshes constructability and engineering requirements on every single project.

Geotechnical Engineering requires careful interpretation of existing sub-surface conditions (Soils, Rock, and Groundwater) based on available information. Interpretation and subsequent selection of design parameters is further complicated due to the inherent variations and non-uniformity of the sub-surface conditions. Geotechnical Investigation costs a few thousand dollars. However, ultra-conservative designs and costly repairs due to insufficient design would likely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At Siefert Associates, we always make a determined effort to investigate and obtain relevant data during the initial phase of the project and combine it with information gathered during site visits. We work closely with clients to evaluate their requirements and available resources to provide an optimum solution which strikes a balance between engineering standards, professional integrity and economic design.

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