I-84 over Dingle Ridge Road

Replacement of I-84 Bridges over the Dingle Ridge Road
Services: Pile Foundations, Temporary Supports, Temporary Jacking Plans, Erection Plans, Select Demolition Plans, Crane Platform Support
Location: Putnam County, New York
Owner: State of New York
Contract Number: D262100
Contractor: Yonkers Contracting Company, Inc.

The I-84 over Dingle Ridge Road Bridge Replacement was an Accelerated Bridge Construction Project that stopped traffic on Interstate 84 for two days while the structure was replaced. The time-saving design had the replacement bridge built next to the existing bridge, demolish the existing bridge, then laterally slide the new bridge in place of the demolished one.

Siefert underwent a broad scope of work formed around the contractor’s preferred means and methods. Examples of Siefert Associate’s scope of work in this project are as follows:


  • Design of H-pile foundations for temporary bents which supported the proposed bridge superstructure during construction and sliding into final position

  • Modifications to permanent structure during slide track erection including additional concrete and steel reinforcements, grouted anchor analysis, anchor bolt material changes, weld analysis, and setting of the header beam

  • Lift plans that utilized multiple cranes simultaneously

  • Existing bridge deck demolition plans

  • Design of crane mat and crane mat support for multiple crawler cranes

  • Analysis of damaged concrete cap beam

  • Slide track design


Siefert dedicated a team of veteran engineers to send on-time drawings to the client, achieving the overall goal of completing the whole bridge demolition and erection in one weekend while minimizing the disruptions to traffic and commuters.








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