Rigging Design and Analysis

At Siefert Associates, LLC, our highly skilled staff has extensive experience and knowledge solving some 
of the most complex engineering challenges in the lifting and rigging industry. Whether a project calls for a 
rigging design on a super lift or tight clearances dictate an alternative rigging operation, Siefert Associates works with clients to provide a practical solution. Our experienced staff has designed lifting frames 
and other specialized rigging equipment in excess of 1000 ton capacity and developed innovative rigging 
solutions that have saved our clients time and money. We are committed to thinking outside of the box and 
will apply our thorough understanding of rigging mechanics to meet project-specific needs. Over the years, 
several of our design drawings were used to fabricate custom equipment used in lifting and rigging projects.  
Our design packages have been reviewed and approved by regional and state authorities throughout the 
NYC metropolitan area.

Design Services 

• Spreader bars
• Lifting beams 
• Lifting frames
• Lateral slide system design
• Rigging solutions for single-crane tailing operations
• Underhung bridge beams or trolley hoists 
• Monorail beams
• Rigging tackle [lift lugs, rigging links, equalizer blocks, etc.]