Crane Layout Plans

Siefert Associates has extensive experience in lift planning with several staff members with backgrounds in 
construction and contractor outfits as well as crane and rigging companies, including Committee Members 
on the ASME P-30 Planning For Load Handling Activities.  By far, the most common lift planning that the 
firm specializes in has the crane as the focal point.  Whether it be an 8-ton carry deck or 50-ton conventional 
truck crane to 600-ton hydraulic or 800-ton super lift crawler cranes, Siefert can produce a sound engineering
plan suited to the needs of the project.  We have excellent relations with several owners/agencies that 
regularly review and approve our engineered lift plan, such as NYCDOB, NYTA, MTA, DOT (NYS, NYC, 
CT, NJ) LIRR, MNRR, TBTA, PANYNJ and Amtrak.  Bridge deck analysis, substructure loading and soil 
capacity are some of the aspects that set us apart from other engineering firms.

Design Services

• Sealed drawings and calcs 
• Rigging details 
• Dunnage designs 
• Crane loading generation 
• Lift Procedure 
• General and material notes
• Single & multi crane layouts 
• Geotechnical investigations 
• Subsurface/utility checks 
• Erection/dismantling plans for cranes  
• Load stability checks 
• Temporary crane platforms 
• Barge crane layouts 
• Tower crane foundations
• Peer Review