Siefert Associates, LLC promotes a culture of individual innovation and ingenuity while providing employees with unique and challenging project opportunities to promote self-satisfaction. This culture, in coordination with a strong team environment allows us to offer top-quality work to our clients. We hold true to our core Values of Honesty, Integrity and Balance.

Whether you have spent many years in the field of construction or engineering or just getting your start, Siefert Associates can provide you with a career that offers continual room for growth and advancement both professionally and personally.

As we continue to grow, Siefert Associates continually offers positions for all levels of engineers in the following areas of specialties: Construction, Structural and Geotechnical.

Join the Siefert Associates Team:

Since our employees are our most valuable resource we strive to provide them with the best possible work environment. We are committed to meeting or exceeding the compensation and benefit offerings within the industry. We support and encourage an open, honest and respectful atmosphere; the pursuit of professional excellence; balance between work and family and recognition for reward and achievement.

In addition we are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities to our clients and to our community. We expect each employee to make a personal commitment toward achieving their goals that will advance their career while at the same time improving our services and enhancing profitability. Our goal is to ensure that our employees are satisfied with their work environment and to identify any areas that require improvement. To that end we have implemented a process to recruit only the most talented workforce, to perform an Employee Survey on annual basis, to develop a Formal Training Policy for all Staff for both Technical – Skills Improvement as well as Non-Technical ie: Time Management, Dale Carnegie Course, Leadership Training. And in return we expect each team member to contribute to the success of the firm which ultimately equals success for the individual.