Brooklyn Bridge

Rehabilitation of Approach Spans and Ramps and Painting of the Entire Bridge
Services: Demolition and Erection Plans, Temporary Support Steel, Temporary Deck Panels, Demolition Shields, Seismic and Temporary Bracing, and Shop Drawing Review
Location: Staten Island, New York and Bayonne, New Jersey
Owner: New York City DOT
Contract Number: BRC270C/P
Contractors: Skanska Koch Inc.

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York City’s most recognized landmarks. The bridge is part of the program which NYCDOT initiated some years ago to rebuild all of the East River crossings in order bring them up to modern standards. Siefert Associates, LLC with Skanska Koch Inc. has worked on all of the structures including the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges as well as the Triborough Bridge. The work package includes the reconstruction of the approaches and ramps in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. The project also includes replacement of approximately 600 bridge bearings and repainting of the entire structure. Siefert Associates, LLC has provided construction engineering services for the project team to remove and replace sections of the roadway and restore the ramps to traffic during nighttime and weekend closures. Work is being performed on the approaches from both Manhattan, primarily from FDR Drive, and Brooklyn. Since the Brooklyn Bridge is a historic structure, special measures are being taken to preserve some of its original elements. The Brooklyn Bridge was originally designed to carry horse and buggies and trolley cars. It is presently rated for car traffic only, not trucks. Although reinforcements have been added to strengthen the structure, it is still the only bridge in New York City on which trucks are not allowed to use. The last truck crossed the bridge in 1922.


Siefert Associates, LLC worked extensively with the contractor to streamline the construction process, optimize their means and methods, and ultimately accelerate construction. Siefert Associates, LLC was hired to analyze all structures and design temporary shoring to allow construction equipment (including cranes) to travel and operate on all the structures. Also, Siefert Associates, LLC provided specialized construction engineering support such as:


  1. Franklin Square Bridge

    • Demolition and Erection Plans of the deck.

    • Design of Temporary Floorbeams [FB’s] and Support Steel to allow for replacement of the FB's.

    • Design of Temporary Deck Units [TDU’s], consisting of steel beams and plates, to allow the structure to rise (after removing the heavy existing deck) and give the contractor a reasonable amount of time to demolish the existing deck.

    • Design of Temporary Work Platforms and Demolition Shields.

    • Seismic Design and Structural Lifting Operation.

  2. York Street Bridge

    • Deck demolition, TDU erection, Temporary Support Steel & FB design, & Demolition Shield design.

    • Support Frame at the ends to allow the replacement of the bearings and pier cap while the bridge is still open to traffic.

    • Demolition Plan for the entire bridge and Erection of New Bridge.

  3. Park Row, Ramp B,C &G, Prospect Bridge, Washington Bridge and Sands Street

    • Demolition and Erection Plans.

    • Design of temporary shield and working Platform.








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