400 Park Ave. South

Services: PERI Perimeter Protection System NY PE Review and Reshoring Analysis
Location: New York, New York
Owner: ET 400 LLC / Equity Residential
Contractors: Sorbara Construction Corp.

400 Park Avenue South (400 PAS) is a new 40-story luxury residential tower on the corner of Park Avenue South and 28th Street in New York, NY. The building’s complex geometry including variable slab plans and sloping facades created challenging conditions from the perspective of engineering a temporary fall protection system. PERI Formwork Systems, Inc. provided an adjustable climbing perimeter protection system that matched this complex geometry and helped Sorbara Construction Corp. maintain an aggressive construction schedule.

Siefert Associates, LLC first performed a NY PE review of the PERI system. This included calculations of dead, live, and wind load reactions of the PERI system, analyses of the concrete local strengths associated with the PERI cast-in anchors, and a summary of minimum concrete strengths required for climbing of the PERI system to the most recently placed top slab. Siefert then completed a perimeter reshoring analysis of the PERI system reactions on the flat plate slab structure edges. This included a perimeter reshoring prop schedule, by PERI slab shoe type, that optimized the prop layout in consideration of reactions distributed to a minimum number of slabs below.

Drawings and calculations were submitted to the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) in groups of floors in effort to meet the deadlines required for an uninterrupted construction schedule. Siefert’s ongoing coordination with Sorbara, PERI, and DOB resulted in no construction delays and success for the project team.








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